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Full Version: iTunes import/sync?
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Hi, I'd like to know whether this is possible or not. Or is there an alternative to achieve the same functionarlity?

I'd like it to just be able to load music based on an iTues folder/directory. Perhaps add the option to replicate the iTunes collection to your XBMC box and move over changes made on the host to your XBMC box.

For example: I have a mac with iTunes. I'd like to point XBMC to an SMB share I'll make of my iTunes folder. XBMC read the library.xml file, parses it, moves it into it's proprietary format and copy over all the files. The XBMC box is a linux by the way. But it shouldn't make a difference imo.

When a song is added/removed/played/rated on my mac I'd like it to be reflected the next time I do a sync with my XBMC.