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Full Version: Newbie Try to get going
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I'm trying to setup XBMC for the first time.

I have installed 911 and am trying to setup my Video files. They are all contained on Network drves. I gave tried to add a new source but am not havng much luck. When I do have some success it shows the directory but nothin in the directory. Most of the files are AVI files and some have sub-directories with AVI within them. Right now I'm not concerned with Database information. The file names appearing and being able to play them would be sufficient.

They do appear and play with Windows Media Center?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.....Smile
First, give the wiki a spin. If you still have problems, get a debug log on pastebin (see wiki again). You say you've tried to do stuff, but you have said WHAT you've tried. Basically, you haven't provided any useful information to proceed.
Give us an example of a file that failed and the debug log of you trying to add the file. Also, an example of a file that didn't fail would probably be useful. See my sig on how to post a problem in a useful manner.