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Full Version: XBMC to play ts stream from DVBViewer recording service
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Trying to make XBMC Linux play live tv stream from DVBviewer recording service (lates beta) that is installed on some other computer. In recording service i activate all servers and upnp server as well. XBMC finds upnp server, browses but cant play any channel.

XBMC log shows this:

18:13:33 T:3078780816 M:2480758784 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: Opening:
18:13:33 T:3078780816 M:2480758784 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):Tongueut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
18:13:33 T:2991151984 M:2480758784 NOTICE: Creating InputStream
18:13:44 T:2991151984 M:2464755712 ERROR: CFileCurl::CReadState::Open, didn't get any data from stream.
18:13:44 T:2991151984 M:2464755712 ERROR: Open - failed to open source <>
18:13:44 T:2991151984 M:2480500736 ERROR: CDVDPlayer::OpenInputStream - error opening []
18:13:44 T:2991151984 M:2480500736 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit()
18:13:44 T:2991151984 M:2480500736 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::OnExit() deleting input stream
18:13:44 T:3078780816 M:2480500736 ERROR: Playlist Player: skipping unplayable item: 0, path []
18:13:44 T:3078780816 M:2480500736 NOTICE: CDVDPlayer::CloseFile()
18:13:44 T:3078780816 M:2480500736 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(player):Tongueut MSGQ_NOT_INITIALIZED
18:13:44 T:3078780816 M:2480500736 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: waiting for threads to exit
18:13:44 T:3078780816 M:2480500736 NOTICE: DVDPlayer: finished waiting

i dont know what the problem is. If someone knows, please help. Thanks.
I have the exact same problem.

Anyone who got it working?
It's working fine now Smile Forgot to set DVBS2 on in the Recording Service.