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Full Version: Carbon skin tag missing for the carbon theme for this forum?
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I like using the carbon theme for the forum however when looking at posts with tags there is a graphic missing and it streches as long as the tags info is.

Can someone copy the file to tag.png from the main skin to this directory. It will fix the problem.

Thank you

Edit - Also missing the 4 bookmark pics below, again, just need to be copied from main skin.

Still has the same problem, theres no one that can simple copy the above graphics to this skin?

Forum Styles "CA Serenity Darkblue (fluid)" and "Carbon Style (Polished)" are so much better than the default forum style.

I suggest fixing the missing icons and even making the Serenity - the light one - the default!

I'm exclusively using it here, and apart from the missing icons, which cause a problem with the long tag icon's text in topic lists, it looks fantastic.