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Full Version: Request: Delay on info
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I think it would be nice to have the option to have a delay on info, or have to press I to get it, as it hides the fanart instantly Huh

How difficult would this be to change for Fanart view?

See the menu on the left.
jmarshall Wrote:See the menu on the left.

All I have is hide info. Pressing I brings up the full page, cast, thumbnail buttons etc, not the info plot view.

Do I need to update Confluence or XBMC?
I do not understand what u mean?! :S
It hides the info and pressing I brings up the info you want, plus a bunch more. Think of it as a bonus.
While it is true, it does bring up all the info + some more, I was thinking more for just a delay on the current info overlay, or again, allow it to be a toggle, I brings up info, press I again, brings up the Info + extra screen?

I think I saw this is an Aeon skin, not sure, but its nice to be able to see the fanart.

If this is something I can do, please give me a pointer, maybe to add a line of code somewhere to add a delay?

(Can you tell I'm not a coder of any sorts? haha)
I completely agree with you [t2ffn]. I was actually looking into a way to remove it completely. If anyone has a clue on how we could do this, or if it's even possible?
yeah, found out that's an option in the left bar's "misc options" section. oops. I can just hide the info in the Movies section, trying to figure out a way to do it for the TV Shows section as well. No option for that one.