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Full Version: CPU Temps?
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Is there anyway to monitor CPU temps while in xbmc? I'm running the latest release of Camelot Live. I did some searching and can't find anything specific.

On a related note, why does xbmc show two cpu's (CPU0 & CPU1) on a system with an Atom 230? It shows different values in terms of % load for each. Strange.
You should be able to get at the atom thermal info via lm-sensors by now. There's an advanced setting that allows you to supply a shell command to run for the CPU temperature. See the wiki for details.

You see two "CPU"s because the atom n230 has hyper-threading, which linux sees as two separate scheduling units.
Thanks for explanation on the 230 hyperthreading. Didn't realize that would mimic dual core.

I found the wiki examples and will try and find out how to specify the shell commands for my system. The examples in the wiki did not work. I will research lm-sensors.

Ok, I now have coretemp.ko installed and working along with the advancedsettings.xml entry. Can someone tell me where I can see the temps while in xbmc? Sorry for the dumb question, but I just can't find it. I've tried a couple different skins too.


Rebooting removes all traces of the modules I've added and updated.

These are the two things I need to do.

sudo apt-get install lm-sensors
sudo insmod coretemp.ko

Do I have to add these modules to the initrd.img?