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Full Version: FTP Write access - permission denied
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Hopefully an easy question.

I'm trying to SFTP a folder set onto my Revo (XBMCLive9.11) but it won't let me create the folder i need and move files into it.

this is the message i get

Status:    Creating directory '/usr/bin/sp-auth'...
Command:    mkdir "sp-auth"
Error:    mkdir /usr/bin/sp-auth: permission denied
Command:    mkdir "/usr/bin/sp-auth"
Error:    mkdir /usr/bin/sp-auth: permission denied

I have logged into xbmc using the name and password i set up during its creation (not XBMX/XBMC) the default XBMC combo doesn't work.

I can create a new directory here: /home/andy
But not here: /usr/bin

I'm guessing its a write access problem but don't know how to fix it.
You don't have permission to write there by default. I suggest reading up on Linux permissions. it's not to hard once you understand how it works. First off you need to be root so use sudo. To fix your problem try this at the terminal:

sudo chmod 777 /usr/bin

Create your directory and copy your files. I recommend changing the permissions back default once you are done copying.

sudo chmod [ORIGINAL PERMISSONS] /user/bin
To get around this issue, I login as root using WinSCP. If you type "sudo root passwd" at the command line, you'll be asked to create a password for the root account. I just used "xbmc" to keep it simple. After this is setup, just change your SFTP login to XBMC to "root" instead of "xbmc or xbmx".

What I like about this setup is that I can quickly edit files using WinSCP instead of using command lines to do it.
i used the first option, although the second ones sounds better I couldn't get it to work! I can't seem to set my original permissions though, no biggy though

Thanks any way