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Full Version: Need some help with set up
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I just built a new HTPC based on the Zotac ION A-B Board. It's an Atom N330 with ION.

I have installed Ubuntu, I have the Nvidia drivers and have installed XBMC.

I'm having some problems though. I get tearing when watching video and they quality doesn't look as good as my Windows machine.

I will have my media on a USB drive. I have tried to organize my drive into folders like Movies, Tv shows etc, set the scrapers but i don't really get anything like the i see in the pictures of Aero and other skins.

Are there any settings i should check for video quality?

How should i go about organizing my drive to get the best experience?


To organize stuff (so it looks nice) you need to start adding movies and/or music to library.
I added the folders into the library but it doesn't show covers and all that stuff.

Anything i'm overlooking?