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Full Version: XBMC Live - Revo with MS media Keyboard/Reciever
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Hi All,

I recently bought a Microsoft Media MCE Keyboard, and a Microsoft IR Reciever.


Is it possible to use this with my Revo with XBMC Live installed?
IF had a good search on the forums and not found much related,
I have tried setting it all up and the "remote" controls of the keyboard seem to work (my pictures, play, stop, etc) but none of the keyboard controls?

If its never going to work would i see a hit on performance installed another OS? windows 7 maybe?

I REALLY love my revo as it is and would prefer to stay on Live
Thanks in advance
anyone please?

Im suprised that many more wouldnt have bought this setup?

(fingers crossed)
Microsoft Remote Keyboard XP Media Center Edition (MCE), InfraRed (IR) wireless keyboard with built-in trackpad and multimedia keys.

Many people ask if this is compatible with XBMC, the answer is that is is not!

(It uses same IR-dongle as MS MCE IR-Remote).

Oh well, theres more money down the pan....

There's no reason you can't make the MCE Keyboard compatible. But it takes a little work! Read this thread and note the changed script for Karmic installs at the end.

Good luck!