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Full Version: Newbie: Suse Linux XBMC & Squeezbox ?
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Hi everybody,

is it possible to run xbmc on a Suse Linux 10.1 with Squeezbox Server & Squeezebox Player in backround?

Squeezebox Server & Squeezebox Player should autostart after the boot.


They won't conflict, and there shouldn't be an issue running all of that software at the same time.

Installing XBMC, will have to be compiled, or you'll have to find a pre-compiled RPM to install on SuSE. I think there may be a debian package installer available but i'm not entirely sure.
Actually I am setting up a system with Suse 11.2, MythTV, XBMC and Squeezebox Server. SBS is running for 3 weeks now without any problems. I am still in process with configuring XBMC and MythTV so it is not in heavy use until now. But I don't expect any problems regarding this.

An interesting point will be the power management in this "multi use environment". I want the system to automatically shutdown when nobody is listening to music, watching a video or mythtv isn't recording anything. And of course, it should wake up when needed.

What are you planning to do with SqueezePlay in autostart? Do you want to have this as your default music player and only start XBMC on demand?

BTW, if I would start this project from scratch again, I would not use Suse anymore. I had to install lots of little helper programs (halevt as one example) and most of them are only available as debian package. I spent a lot of time with compiling and installing dependencies. And if you have problems with your setup you will mostly find people with debian based systems and you can't use their hints because you first have to translate them to the Suse-way. But maybe others will tell you exactly the opposite...