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Full Version: xbmc linux & mms audio/video streams - what's happening ? Let's clarify
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I have a lot of problems with mms audio and video Internet streams. Sometimes mms streams

- don't play at all
- sometimes xbmc is freezing frozen for 3 minutes
- sometimes xbmc is freezing for everytime.

Each mms audio streams has the bug - each 45-50 seconds I have playback stop and re-buffering.

Xine or MPLayer can play such streams without any problems.

I read on this forum that other xbmc users also have the problems with mms streams.

I would like to clarify the questions

does it problem of official libmms from https://launchpad.net/libmms (I'm using libmms 0.5 with patch from spiff)


does it problem XBMC Linux itself ?

is there any chances in near future to kill such problem ?