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Full Version: [MAC] Use Mac Book Pro Express Card 34 slot for Broadcom Mini-PCI-express?
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I have ordered 2 Broadcom chips. I for my Apple TV and 1 for my MacBookPro.

My MBP has an express card 34 slot. I have a Mini PCI express Broadcom chip.

Are there people who want to use the broadcom chip with with there MBP and how do yo connect it.

I have searched google and Ebay and not found a correct adapter for express34 to mini-PCI-express?
I have purchased test equipment from these guys before:
They make a full range of adapters (you would probably want the MR11-EC2C)
They have consistent build quality but they are strictly a test equipment operation so don't expect anything in the way of tech support. I must admit that I am a little confused by the reasoning for wanting to do this though (I can see for "because it's there" testing or code writing but as a viewing solution it's sort of silly as the MBP can easily handle the decoding without the Broadcom card.
Your best bet is to use an ExpressCard version of the CrystalHD hardware. The cost to buy one will likely be less than that of an adapter, and the size is likely to be smaller. I picked one up late last year on eBay for about $80 USD.

Thank you for the replies.

the 1080 4.1 Encoded mkv of Earth brought my mpb to its knies with the birdscene, so that's why I asked
Has anyone actually found the ExpressCard 34 version of the CrystalHD card for sale recently?