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Full Version: Starting plugin from Home Screen
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I have installed the BBC IPlayer plugin and would like to add a "shortcut" to launch this straight from Confluence Homescreen. I have added the following entry in the Home.xml file

<item id="13">

However, when I click on the entry nothing happens and I get

12:17:31 T:6448 M:173821952 ERROR: DIRECTORY::CPluginDirectory::AddSortMethod - called with an invalid handle.
12:17:31 T:6448 M:175943680 ERROR: DIRECTORY::CPluginDirectory::AddItem - called with an invalid handle.

In the logfile. Plugin works OK when I launch it from "plugins"

Would appreciate some assistance with this or a heads up if this is not related to Confluence and I should post in the forum for the plugin instead.

Many thanks!
Thanks !
Hi nlindblo

I appreciate your work on this tweak - pretty handy to know how to put a link to the IPlayer addon on the Home page!

Hope you don't mind me asking but how did you choose where to place the snippet in the xml (I'm fairly new to XBMC)? I'm using the standard skin (i.e. Confluence) too and there appear to be a number of sections in its Home.xml file (/usr/share/xbmc/addons/skin.confluence/720p/Home.xml).

Going by the fact that it is an 'item' object I've tried placing it at the end of the 'control' section containing the other item objects. Is that what you have done?


- Will
Ah apologies. Just found a how to for editting the Home screen in the wiki:


Will read on before asking more questions.
Clicked on above link nothing there to read
Can anyone help