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Full Version: Modding Library/File view option for TVShows?
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Warning noob inside Smile
My config is the following: 2 different HD as sources for film and the other for tvshows,i need to use file-view for film (lots of italian titles,library is a PITA) so i use only "Video" in home menu at the moment,Films and TVshows are hidden.
I would like to add to menu ONLY Tvshows in library view but it changes in lib also Video every time,due to the same folder structure.
I don't want to enable Film-library,useless button in my case.
Is there a way to slip Video from Tvshows?Adding a custom button in menu for example? Having them independent is my goal.
Starting to learn something about the .xml system but still at the beginning,any help is apreciated,ty Big Grin