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Full Version: [MAC] Subtitles Not Displaying in 9.11 (m4v/mkv idx sub)
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XBMC 9.11
Mac and AppleTv

I'm having trouble getting .idx/.sub subtitles to show in 9.11 using a .m4v. The subs aren't embedded, they are in separate files with the same name as the parent movie, living in the same directory as the movie.

Ghost in the Shell (1995).m4v
Ghost in the Shell (1995).idx
Ghost in the Shell (1995).sub

(I've also tried Ghost in the Shell (1995).English.*)

These same subs play fine in VLC and Plex (oddly enough). I've also re-encoded the DVD as a MKV (non-embedded) to see if it was a format issue, but same results, no subs display. Subs are enabled in the OSD menu, and checked video calibration to make sure they weren't off the screen.

Just a note, the subs play fine if embedded in the MKV.

Any ideas? Thanks!