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Full Version: [APPLE] Library not showing episodes or movies?
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XBMc latest nightly (updated 1h ago) running on an ATV with Broadcom;

Added sources, set content, updated library: library now shows TV show names, movie years and directors etc but never the actual titles or episodes; all lists are empty?

Recently added episodes and movies windows also empty Sad

Really confusing me, I've been through all the menu options etc.

Let me know if you need a log or conf dump.

Excellent, excellent app by the way, have been using it since I first modded my Xbox 6 or 7 years ago Big Grin

many, many thanks.

ETA: When accessing the machine's library from my iPhone (XBMC app) I can view seasons of TV shows but still no episodes ("No media found"), and weirdly the Season listings look like this:

Quote:Season 1</record><record>

Have a I got a screwy library or something? Time to start from scratch?

muchos gracias,
Patience is not one of my virtues (and this is only a test rig until Broadcom HD support is 100%) so deleted the library via SCP, re-added and so far it appears better (I have movies listed).

Streaming 1080p films over a WiFi bridge (DD-WRT) to a silent ATV = bliss Big Grin

Very, very impressed with how well it plays eg a 8Gb 1080p movie.