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Full Version: small errors in Dutch translation
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I just stumbled upon 2 errors in the dutch translation (using XBMC r26941 compiles jan 17 2010)

strings.xml currently contains:
<!--Date of translation: 12/06/2009-->
<!--$Revision: 26905 $-->

<string id="21382">'Bron toevoegen'-knoppen niet weergeven</string>
<string id="20369">Plot van niet-bekeken video's verbergen</string>
These translations mean the opposite of what actually happens with each setting. The first one for example means "HIDE 'add-location'-button". But when you have ENABLED this setting, the buttons SHOWS. Same goes for showing/hiding the plot of unwatched movies.

So those SHOULD be:
<string id="21382">'Bron toevoegen'-knoppen tonen</string>
<string id="20369">Plot van niet-bekeken video's tonen</string>
yes, we've reversed alot of strings before 9.11 release, just to make users confused Tongue

No, but to simplify the settings Smile

If you don't mind, you might want to go thru the entire language file and translate it to the latest SVN.



Wiki link for more information about our translator tool etc