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Full Version: Info-screen while browsing movies
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Apologies for what is probably a stupid newbie question.

On the wiki entry here http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=List_of_working_skins there is screendump of an information screen overlaying the list of movies - I presume so that you can just browse left or right and see the details as you browse. How do I get that pop up to appearHuh

Thanks for any help, and apologies for what is probably a dead simple question.

Kind regards,
Hi, it's not a pop up but part of one of the views (Media View?). These can be selected by bringing up the left hand side menu and selecting a different view.
You need the correct view.
You need to be in library mode.
You need to have set content on your video folder (movies) and scan (e.g. themoviedb).
THANK YOU! That was embarrasing Blush - I should have been able to figure that out by myself, but I kept trying to hit buttons without getting anywhere.

You are, of course, abolutely right that it's a view called "fanart". Thank you!