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Full Version: Home Theatre Experience Button?
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Can anyone please help me figure out how to add the home theatre script button to my movie info in back row? I've tried a few similar tutorials for other skins & have had no luck.

Many thanks

Download this and use it to replace the DialogVideoInfo.xml file in the PAL16x9 folder.
Well done Sharpe. Thanks very much.

What can i do with the home theater button ?
It will start the Home Theater script (if you grabbed it.), but before asking, you can find out what the script is in the proper XBMC area. It's pretty cool.
ok THX !
Hey there...this interest me as well but unfortunately I get an "Invalid or Deleted File"-Message?
file not available
Oh that's because I made it part of the skin - you can switch it on in "skin options"
Oh, sorry my bad! Thanks for the quick answer!!!