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Full Version: [LINUX] Use XBMC without graphics card
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I have a huge problem, and I found nothing about it on the internet.
The requirements for XBMC is a directx9 working graphic card with 128 MB of video ram.
My problem is that I want to use XBMC only for music playback and internet radio streams NO video, HD,... . So I don't need a graphic output for this. To control this system I want to use an ipod touch as remote. In this case I don't need any external display.
Is there any oportunity for this or even the posiblility to reduce the graphic power, like deaktivated shader effects, only dx8 effects, .... or console mode?

Thanks for your help.
Use MDP, Musik Deamon with iPhone , iPod Touch Support...
ultimate272 Wrote:Use MDP, Musik Deamon with iPhone , iPod Touch Support...

Thanks, I think that is the right programm for me, so i can use an intel atom or any other low power system. I will have a look at it.