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Full Version: auto-start xbmc 9.11 / ubuntu 9.10
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I am trying to get autostart to work so when I boot up it starts automatically.

I have installed by doing the below standard installation on a full ubuntu9.10 (karmic) gnome desktop.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc
sudo apt-get update

I also installed the xbmc-standalone see below in the synaptic manager.


and then I try to follow the guide in the wiki stating the below

* From the desktop click System -> Administration -> Login Window
* From the "Security" tab choose "Enable Automatic Login" and select your username.
* Click "OK" to exit.
* Logout of your system.
* From the Login screen choose "Select Session"
* Choose "XBMC" and click "Change Session"

however when I log out I cannot select a session to choose xbmc. I have tried to hit f10 as I read that in another thread and that didnt bring up any sessions.

anybody got this working??
In 9.10 you see the session selection in the bottom part of the login screen. Click to select.
I have the same problem.
Also it says login screen here instead of login window
Ok I found the session option. I Click on it and it boots to xbmc. However now I can't use the / to minimize or windowize (is that a word) xbmc to use the gnome desktop. Do I have to logout and log back into user-xmbc to be able to use gnome?
XBMX started in stand alone mode as far as I know does not load Gnome/KDE ect at all but runs XBMC in of itself which doesn't need an additional gui or window managers hence the lack of window controls.

The better way to get the benefits of stand alone mode is to initially create 2 users, one with XBMC as it's session & another with the Gnome/KDE desktop. This way you will always have a way to your desktop.

With all the discussions of installing XBMC into a "Lean" Linux install it's interesting that using Stand Alone mode goes a long way in attaining the performance that people are after with "Lean" linux install while retaining the benefit of having a full desktop available.
ok so you are saying to create another user (lets name it xbmc system) and then change that user "xbmc system" session into xbmc standalone. I would need to enable auto log in for xbmc system. How do I get xbmx system to login first before my default user?

So then if needed I just pick the other user if I want to go into gnome.

So if I make any changes to xbmc files or add skins etc... would it update both users??
Quote:So if I make any changes to xbmc files or add skins etc... would it update both users??

You dont need to users, in ubuntu 9.10 kermic it is very simple to chnange the session type.