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Full Version: StepForward causing looped / skip chapter in DVD playback
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[Windows] XBMC

This may be a feature and not a bug, I'm not sure.

When playing a ripped DVD movie, I can hit the right button to do a StepForward a few seconds. If I keep hitting this button, eventually I reach the end of the Chapter and it brings me back to the beginning of the movie at Chapter 1. I've tried this from any Chapter. Once I reach the end of wherever I am, I am always dropped back to Chapter 1.

The DVD rip is a standard full-disc replica with menus, nothing custom.

This behavior is replicated on an MCE remote as well as direct keyboard input.

Is this some kind of setting in an XML file somewhere? The desired effect is to skip forward a few seconds continually thru the chapters and not revert me back to the beginning.

I am able to navigate Chapter-to-Chapter using the Up key/Down key. That seems to work flawlessly.

Anyone else having the same issue or know what I'm talking about?
fixed in svn
elupus Wrote:fixed in svn

Any chance that same SVN also supports the Crystal HD? I have an SVN which does support it, but obviously has this navigation issue. Are they mutually exclusive at this stage?

Would it be possible to link me to where this would be?

Appreciate it!!