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Full Version: XBOX XBMC installation question
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Hi All, very n00b with XBMC.

I recently had my XBox modchipped and they kindly put XBMC on it - Version 1.0. I would like to upgrade it but have struck the following problem.

I see I can download XBMC for various platforms but not for the XBox itself.

Sure, I can download the source but I don't have XDK in order to build/compile it. A friend has the other necessary tools - Visaul C/Visual Studio and offered to help but still no XDK.

Can I download a complied latest version of XBMC from somewhere that I can then FTP to my XBox?

Seems to be a bit of a gap in the offering doesn't itHuh?


Most people here will tell you to check the 'usual' sources for it. Not sure that will help you, but do a google search for xbmc xbox download
first hit is the one you want
Ahh, the gap seems to have been filled by T3CH.

While not the latest and greatest (9.11), it is still better than my V1.

Many thanks, downloading now.
zenzag Wrote:While not the latest and greatest (9.11), it is still better than my V1.

You can download multiple svn version as well. look at the dropdown list on the bottom of the page...