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Full Version: Confluence skin/SVN's
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Hi All,

Im using XBMC 9.11 (win32) and love the confluence skin. The skin allows me to use XBMC without a Keyboard - which is good news for my kids.

I have noticed that Confluence has a problem with the Music and Video OSD's (http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=65209) where the OSD does not autohide. Another thread mentioned that this has been fixed in a SVN ( early January).

Normally I would simply upgrade to the SVN but my issue is that the XBMC SVN's do seem to be rather unstable and also the OSD's are different (more buttons).

Does anyone recommended a particular stable SVN or is there a way I can simply upgrade the Confluence skin to a more recent version? (ideally without the extended OSD's)

Hope this makes sense.
Many thanks in advance.
as far as I gathered from reading posts at the Confluence forum, theres a bug in the "9.11 stable" xbmc version, so your gonna have to update your xbmc to fix this bug no matter what, most recent builds have been very stable, and theres a build per day, so your best bet it is to take the plunge and see what comes of it Smile
Thanks for your reply.

Is there a particular version you recommend?
The OSD bug isn't very serious. The OSD only doesn't hide if your using a mouse, and to make it hide just move the mouse very slowly or right click.

Yes, I understand its not a serious bug, but im just concerned that I may get screen burn on my nice LCD TV's!
I don't think that LCDs have a problem with burn in, only plasma TVs. Someone correct me if I am wrong.
You are correct; LCDs are not affected by burn-in. Plasmas are.

To the OP's question, I find the current SVN awesome. No complaints.