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Full Version: Play DVD from real disc via Library
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Hi All,

I'm 99.9% of the way there with a great little htpc system. I'm in the same boat as many here that it has to be easy to use for the wife and kid. I have the option set to play a dvd as soon as its inserted into the drive, and that does work, but I'd prefer a different method. I'm using poster view in order to scroll through the movies, makes it easy for my other users. I'd like to have a generic "poster" that's labelled "Play from DVD" or something similar and when you pick that, it launches the dvd that's in the drive. That way, if we come back to a movie the next day, we're not stuck ejecting and reloading the disc in order to get it to play. I've mod'd my library DB with a new entry in the movie and files table, but the file field is blank as I didn't know what to add. This does actually give me the blank "poster" in my poster view with the title "Play from DVD" just like I wanted, but because the filename is blank it throws an error about "File is missing, do you want to remove?" Any ideas on this would be appreciated. I'll post the solution if I find it. Thanks.