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Full Version: Few problems with XBMC
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I have nvidia ION system with win-XP.
I have files stored on my HDD in iso format and I have problem when I use internal DVD player, playback isn't smooth.
When I will mount this iso with virtualclonedrive and will use any external player, playback is smooth.
Do you have any idea how solve this problem ? I want use internal DVD player and not external player.

Second problem I have with sound :
In the PC I have two sound cards :
Nvidia - for HDMI sound and Realtek - for analog sound.

I'm searching for easy way how to switch inside XBMC from one card to othe one. At his moment is only way go to system setup etc...

Is possible make some plug-in which change sound card only with key combination ( like ctrl + D ). Or is there any solution ?


you need to enable the VDPAU driver in XBMC settings/video/playback
on winxpHuh