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Full Version: Cartoons and playlists
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I would like to put my ripped cartoons into my XBMC database but am not sure of a few things. I was thinking of putting them into the movie portion of my database, setting content as "movie". I was going to segregate them using the "movie collection" feature that can be added to the nfos. A couple questions:
should I put each cartoon into it's own folder as my other movies are or
should I have a folder setup as follows:

D:/movies/cartoons/Looneytunes/Golden Collection 1/DVD1/cartoon
D:/movies/cartoons/Popeye/Collection 1/DVD1/cartoon
D:/movies/cartoons/Disney/Mickey Mouse/DVD1/cartoon

Is that too many folders for XBMC to go through?
Does anyone else have a setup where they use cartoons and how do you have it set up?

Along with this, I would like to be able to set up a smart playlist to randomly play a cartoon from any of the cartoon folders that I may have set up. Is this possible? I think it may be, but I haven't been able to find any examples of someone playing a random video file by perusing the Wiki or the Forums. Most of the playlist info is for playing music files. Could someone help me out by giving an example with the above folder structure?
either works.

shuffle is a general setting. enable shuffle in player controls, queue the playlist, off you go. exactly as it works for music. note that smart playlists only operate on what is in your library, not your files. i suspect what you are after is
1) queue the d:/movies/cartoon folder
2) enable shuffle in player controls
3) start the playlist from now playing (hit space or use the context menu).

Thanks for the answers. Would you by any chance be able to post an example of a playlist or is it something that the built in playlist editor can do?
One of the great things about thetvdb.com is that there are a lot of entries for non-TV episodic content. A TV show's theatrical movie is generally listed as a "special" (i.e., Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me or South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut) if you wanted to keep those out of your movie library, and most cartoons have their own entry even though they originally screened before movies.


It would probably be a huge pain in the ass since you're starting with full DVD rips, but if you extracted the individual episodes and named them properly, the XBMC TV scraper would correctly read each cartoon as a TV episode, with "Looney Tunes" or "Mickey Mouse Shorts" as the show name. From there it would be very easy to create a smart playlist that cycled through random cartoons.
Thanks for the help guys. I have another question though. If I put my cartoons in my movie folder and use the "Boxset" feature to group them together, can you even point to them for a smart playlist to use? It isn't like they would all be in the same folder.