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Full Version: Problem shutting down + Remote shutdown
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so I have xbmc (--standalone) running in a x-session on ubuntu 9.10 with no desktop manager.
I installed an iMon Pad remote control which pretty much worked out of the box.
The system is running on a Zotac ION motherboard (the A-version, revised with working wake-on-usb-feature).

However the shutdown function in xbmc only terminates to program, it doesn't shutdown the computer down - neither does the shutdown button on the iMon remote. It too only terminates to program.

Furthermore the power button on the case works after I installed an acpi-daemon, BUT even though the button is wired through the remote control reciever and the output to the motherboard, and short circuits (as far as I can see) when using either the remote or the case button, I cannot shutdown the computer with the remote control.

Sorry for the long explanation, her is the short one:
- PWR-BTN=short circuit=shutdown
-RemotePWR-BTN=short circuit=terminate program

I've searched around but cannot seem to find the exact same problem anywhere. Nothing I've found so far has helped.

I appreciate any inputs, as I am out of ideas - everything counts!
Thanks for listening :-)