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Full Version: Moving the movie folders - now the fanarts etc. are not displayed
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a few days ago i moved all my movie files to a new location. After this of course the files could not be played anymore. So i logged into the XBMC database with SQLiteSpy and changed the values in the path-table accordingly.

Now the movies played fine, but i don't see the thumbs and fanarts anymore.
Now only a scene from the movie is shown.

How does XBMC store the relation between Movies and its thumbs and fanarts?
Can i correct this behaviour in some way?

Thanks a lot
Why not just remove all sources, clean the library, and add the new movie folder as a source?
it's stored based on a hash of the file path. if you are running trunk, you can fix it by doing an export to a single folder, correcting the paths in the xml file, then reimporting. if this succeeds you can nuke the old entries using 'clean library'.

if you're not on trunk (~ 2 weeks), you're SOL.