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Full Version: [LINUX] All AVI vids show as black-white
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Great forum here - I am new to the Linux world and just installed Unbuntu Karma on a new Dell Mini 10 Netbook.

I have gotten everything working and am enjoying the Linux world - when I installed XBMC everything went fine and it starts up perfect. I am able to set my vid folder fine - but every AVI file I have shows as a washed-out looking black and white picture.

I can play these files fine in the Karma Vid Player but I want to use XBMC and set this up as a media box on my HD TV.

Any help would be appreciated - I have searched several different times but could not solve this one on my own.

Please read: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=34655

Thank you,
the management.
Sorry Bobo - I will see what else you need:

It is a Dell Mini 10 - Atom Z530 with GMA 500 vid chipset

Ubuntu 9.10 Karma - fresh download with all latest updates installed

XBMC - I tried to find version number but not sure how - the WIKI directions do not have the right info for what I am seeing - I followed the guide on this site to install XBMC that is pre-loaded with Unbuntu 9.10

I just found my log file, I will logon from my laptop and paste it up shortly - there are no errors showing though - but it says it is using:

- Codec id 13
- MPEG-4 part 2
- GL Selecting Single Pass YUV 2 RGB Shader
- GL NPOT Texture support detected
The log file will have the revision in it.

Anyway I think the shaders aren't working correctly, in system->video->playback, set render method to basic shaders(ARB) and if that doesn't work set it to software.
Thanks Bobo - That worked perfect. It was driving me crazy since Ubuntu played it fine and the thumbnails looked perfect.

Thanks again!