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Full Version: Search Library?
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Is there any other way to find something particular in your library without scrolling or paging through the whole thing? It seems like you should be able to just type the first few letters of the name, or something. It also seems like you should be able to type the first letter and have the library jump to that letter. Is there anyway to do a simple search?
Hold down SHIFT and type away. There's a bunch of other methods if you're not using a keyboard (eg most people map stuff to JumpSMS2 -> JumpSMS9).

Dude you just helped the shit out of me.
I just customized my MCE remote. Those useless 1234567890 buttons also have letters ie 2=abc 3=def
like a phone using. input keys with intelliremote I can skip through my (large) list.
Cheers hope that helps other people.