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Full Version: VLC player Install
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Hi everyone.... Big Grin

Let me say upfront that I don't know linux at all... Rolleyes .....but I'm in the process of learning it ....Nod.... if I wanna use one of these new small nettops (atom330+ion) with the marvellous XBMC Live.....

The question is:

If I have a atom 330 + ION System (no matter what it is) and I install the XBMC Live on it..... will I be able later to install VLC PLAYER and make it available as external player ? Huh

Again... don't KILL me if I said something that makes NOSENSE at all Confused

THX in advance
You can if you want. The question should be what benefit do you think you will get.....

the dvdplayer embedded within XBMC does NOT work "properly" (often at all !!) receiving the video stream from my DREAMBOX...so I have to use VLC 086h as an external player for this type of source.

Vlc works PERFECTLY.....

But As I said before,...

....I'm almost totally ignorant in linux... Sad

and since the only way to have one of the latest ultra-mini nettop working fine with XBMC (and 1080p) is using Hardware Acceleration ...... linux (XBMC Live) becomes a "must".

Do you think that I could receive somebody's help to reach my target Huh
Nobody can give me a little help to get this done Sad

I mean..... I know that unix is much better then windows.... but My Unix....is not that good at all.....

I'm trying to learn.....but I need your help if possible Rolleyes

Can you guys help Huh
I'm not a linux guru...

But if you want to keep using VLC my suggestion would be to stay away of Live and use Ubuntu and XBMC installed over it. There's stuff out there that we dont have working plugins yet for, like perhaps HULU (I dont really mind the commercials) and in my case, Magnatune (but since we have a Jamendo plugin, Id suppose Magnatune's could be just around the corner).

In my case, this means that I have to get out of XBMC to fire up the browser and see HULU or use Rhythmbox and see the Magnatune catalogue of free (to listen to) music and listen to it. In your case, it looks like u need to use VLC instead of XBMC's own player, which I havent given it an extensive test (I will play a DVD in a couple minutes to see if it works or not) because most of my videos are files not DVD's.

The only thing that I dislike about having XBMC run over Ubuntu is that I have to raise the volume to almost 100% before loading XBMC, cause I can't control the volume from within. Another thing I would like to see, is some sort of app that allows us to change the mixer, to fine tune sound while movie is on. Like some 5 months ago we were watching the old TRON movie and the sub was too noisy, so I had to interrupt the movie, adjust the sub volume and then resume the movie (Had to use a pendrive to force XBMC out of focus so that I could make the changes).

Aside of this, XBMC is a huge success for me. BTW, the installation of XBMC on ubuntu 9.10 is too easy, just 4 steps and using the terminal...

Well, did the DVD test and aside of a bit of flickering at certain scenes (like it raises the brightness for a second, then went back to normal) all the menus and play worked flawlessly on my end. I normally install VLC as part of my multimedia package but since XBMC works so great for me... I havent and I wont this time.

Maybe if you try and do as I did... XBMC works better and u dont really need to install VLC after all.

So, apart from the whole discussion whether is useful or not to install VLC, how can I actually install it in XBMC Live? I can't find any information or instructions to do it.

apt-get install vlc ...
Yeah... Maybe I should have pointed out that I know nothing about Linux and that I've only installed XBMC a week ago, so that was a little like chinese to me Blush

Could you, please, direct me to some place or reading so I can understand your answer?

I'm not running Ubuntu, I installed XBMC Live. Or is it the same thing? Anyway, I suppose I have to type that command (apt-get install vlc) in a console, but I don't even know how to open a console in XBMC. Actually, I don't even know if what I just said makes any sense. Sorry, did I mentioned I know NOTHING at all about Linux? Blush Thanks again.
The underlying OS is ubuntu underneath xbmc live.

I have installed VLC on XBMC live version. Its quite easy.
Exit out of XBMC. This should give you the prompt screen. Log in with your user name and then password. You set this up when you installed XBMC Live.
Now type
This will take you to the gnome desktop.
You may get an error message to do with the wallpaper its not that important so just click Okay.
Now do a right click. Select Applications - Terminal emulators- Xterm
A window should have appeared.
Now type
Quote:sudo apt-get install vlc vlc-plugin-pulse mozilla-plugin-vlc
This will also install the plugin for Firefox as well.
So you may want to install Firefox first.
which is
Quote:sudo apt-get install firefox