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Full Version: Web Browser on XBMC
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Hi, i have installed xbmc camelot 9.11 on eebox 1502 pc.
All work's well but i want to navigate on web.
I'have installed xbmc on ubuntu karmic 9.10 minimal with nvidia-graphics driver.
I'have installed firefox and launch from xbmc with application-launcher plugin.
It wok's but i want less complex sistems.
Exist a browser integrate into xbmc natively?
Linksbrowser is currently develop or not?

Thanks for your reply.
I sincerely dont understand much (and most probably I'm not the only one). Far as I can tell, there is no integrated browser for HTTP yet and if you have firefox you need to exit XBMC to use it apropiately (am I wrong on this one?)

I mean, I dont think XBMC was made to navigate the web, but to see not only your own content (videos, music and pictures) but also other content available from the web using plugins not an internet browser.

Thats as far as I go...