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Full Version: XBMCLive cd and Ubuntu 9.10
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OK, I'm new to Linux. Been using xbmc for quite awhile now. I had XBMCLive CD 9.04 installed on my shuttle and it was running awesome. It even saw My Mediagate GP-IR02BK remote and I had to do nothing.

So, I go to install the new XBMCLive cd 9.11 and I get a error message saying

"XBMC needs hardware accelerated.... "I can't see because it's out side of the screen".....install an appropriate graphics drive........Please consult XBMC wiki for suppo..............http://xbmc.org/wiki/?title=Supporte........."

Yeah..So, there ya go. Any help would be great on that one.

Next up, I install Ubuntu 9.10 then got XBMC installed with no hiccups as well. But I can not get my FRIKIN mediagate remote to work. I'm not sure if I am doing the lirc stuff correctly. If anyone has a new user friendly way of doing things that would be awesome.

Thanks guys and keep up the good work.
hi what is your video card ? check his driver
see this link but sorry is in french

Ok, wow do I feel like a tard. Live install was sucessful. Upon reboot my monitor was going into a hibernate state and I never got to see the options screen and it was heading straight to the livecd portion and not the install. Yeah, y'all can bust on me..... anyway, sorry.

Does anyone know how to get usb wireless adapter running in livecd? It works fine and installs automaticaly in ubuntu 9.10. Just not in xbmc livecd. Its a trendnet usb wireless g adapter.

Sorry, Double post