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Full Version: [live] Can i transfer my usb live to hard disk?
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I started off using xbmc with a 9.04 live install to usb.

I spent a lot of time configuring the install and the setup is just how i want it.

I now have an SSD and want to run xbmc from that. I have already installed Ubuntu Karmic desktop, so i want to install xbmc on a seperate partition to retain the set to box feel im used to.

I can do this with the new 9.11 live install as it has the partitioner, but 9.11 does not allow me to configure xbmc as i want (because it doesn't support 185 series nvidia drivers and i *need* them for multi-channel hdmi sound).

The old 9.04 live cd forces me to wipe my whole disk and lose Ubuntu desktop - which is no good either.

I would really like to take my working usb install, and transfer it as-is to a new partition on my SSD and continue using it. Is this possible?
Ok, well im full of sh*t.

185.18.36 is compatible with Karmic 9.10 because my desktop install has installed that version automatically as 'recommended'. And works fine.

That being said, i cannot for the life of me understand why i cant get 185 to install to XBMC Live 9.11 without sending me to the command prompt after a restart instead of XBMC. Open GL support (and hence XBMC) seems to disappear when i install 185, and work fine with either of the subsequent versions. No idea why!

Im now goinig to keep trying to get 185 to install on XBMC Live 9.11. If i can manage that, im nearly sorted. Just a fight with ALSA left after that.

If anyone can help me with 185, please do. I've been using XBMC Live for years, but im not much good 'under the hood'. Ok, im crap under the hood...