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Full Version: Why does this work and how to make it permanent?
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Hi Everyone,

I am running the freakxbmc ion version on my revo.
I do not get all supported resolutions, the highest i have is 480.
When i use putty to log into the revo and issue the command:

sudo killall -9 Xorg

My XBMC suddenly goes full 1080p (it is hooked up to a toshiba 40RV525U).
How can i make this a permanent change? Or if anyone has a xorg.conf file that would be better. I have tried the ones on the various threads and even tried to make a custom one for me however the posted xorg.conf files do not work for me and I received an error trying to make my own.

make sure you have the latest Nvida drivers.


I would suggest running the script the guy posted in this thread first. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=70068 it fixed my problems immediatly.

and if that doesnt work here is my xorg.conf make sure you back up your original and make sure you run that guys script, as his will customize it for you a lot better.

but here is my xorg.conf