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Full Version: Wide Thumbnails in Video Files
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Is there an option to have wide thumbnails (actually not wide but as the aspect ratio of the clip) in Video file mode?

Because I like to browse my video files in thumbnail option but T! crops them.

See the ss to fully understand what I mean.

I need these thumbnails to have the right ascect ratio or to be somehow a bit wider.
look up the <include name="Thumbnail-Videos"> section in View-Thumbnail.xml.

change every occurrence of:
<aspectratio scalediffuse="false">scale</aspectratio>
<aspectratio scalediffuse="false">keep</aspectratio>

not sure if this will give you the desired result, but it'll be a good start at least.
thank you ronie I will give it a try
ok it make it keep the aspect ratio. The thumb its inside the square box keeping its aspect ratio and when u select it, it goes back to the square picture thats in the screenshot in my previous post and it looks like zooming a bit. Im very happy with the result.

Thanks a bunch Big Grin