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Full Version: Russian virtual keyboard
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Hi, i have quation: is it possible to make virtual keyborad show russian letters on buttons. or i need to make my custom keyboard? mayby somewhere it is already made or original keyboard that goes with xbmc can be easy changed?
not supported in our current code i'm afraid.
I just create a ticket for this feature.

Almost a year left, but no one wants to assign this ticket. Sad...
Can someone look into it? Multilingual support is there it is just not for the keyboard...
Besides being non-multi-langual, the OSD lacks any form of intelligence. See this.

Would be nice if something better would be used..
I vote for this feature.
Very Very much needed here (Hebrew keyboard)

Please somebody take this work!
That's the biggest XBMC problem I think. We can just search english-named movies, photos etc. it's really iinconvenient for non english speaking countries
really need a Russian keyboard...

reg. the lack of support from devs. -> kinda sad (((
(2012-04-16, 08:34)moroz1984 Wrote: [ -> ]+1
really need a Russian keyboard...

reg. the lack of support from devs. -> kinda sad (((

You misunderstand, then. There is work being done on multi-lanugage support for all parts of XBMC, but these things take time. Team XBMC is a multi lingual/international group, after all :)
This feature is really really important!

Both russian and hebrew.

Why not do utf keyboard
with configurable keys? (something like in the iGo gps program)

because you obviously know how to do it, so we are waiting for you.