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Full Version: Next view condition?
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In my 1080p mod of Xperience I have conditional close and open animations for the stage image based on which view appears in the next or the previous window (animations can be seen in the video, link is in my signature). For that I have a string which will be set to "stage" or "nostage" in every view, so that I know if there is currently a view with stage visible or hidden in movies, tvshows etc.

But there are several problems with that... if I go to the main folder in movies, select "new movies", then select a view with stage, go to home, enter movietitles where a view without stage is set, the animation won't work.

So I either need Container.Content for everything, so that it's not just "movies" if I enter "new movies" or go to years and select 2008, or (which would be much better) something like ViewType.Next(id) and ViewType.Previous(id) where id is the control of the viewtype.

Is that possible to do? The information has to be stored somewhere but I don't know how difficult it would be to implement it.

Thanks. Smile
No comment on this?
The information is only partially stored - i.e. the stored information may not be used, as content type may have changed or the previous view may no longer be visible or whatever.

Perhaps you could have the stage visible purely based on the view condition (i.e. animate it in based on that)?
The problem is that the animation is on window close... and there I don't know which view will appear in the next window. I do know the next window, i.e. MyVideoNav but there are many different containers in which different views are saved. I can have list view in new movies, wall in titles and poster view in trailers.

At the moment the condition for the close animation for moving to movies / tvshows looks like this but thats not working all the time as I explained in the first post:

condition="Window.Next(videolibrary) +
[[stringcompare(Skin.String(Container),movies) +
stringcompare(Skin.String(MovieView),nostage)] |
[stringcompare(Skin.String(Container),tvshows) +

I spent hours to get it working properly but It seems not possible with the current possibilities.
Your only option then is to always animate it out and then animate it back in based on visibility of the view.
Yes but then its better how it works now. I see, I have to live with it unless someone maybe implement something which helps to solve the problem. Just something like viewtype.next...
Which is impossible to know while during a windowclose of another window...
I assume if you enter a window theres the window id and the path for the content to open. The ViewModes.db contains those informations.... there's no way of doing an sql request or something in the moment I enter a window? So that the condition is true or false for a little moment like Window.Next. I can understand if no one wants to look at it because there are many many other things which are far more important. Smile
When you enter a window (or once it has finished animating in) then yes, we do know that information. This is AFTER we've told the other window to close (indeed, after the previous window's windowclose anim has completed.) The time difference here is the issue.

Honestly, what's the problem with dropping the stage away and bring it back in just when you need it? After all, you'd be doing that whenever the view was changed by the user anyway.

If I'm on home, have stage and go to a view with stage, there should be no animation at all. Only if I have no stage to stage or stage to no stage. Then I could better hide the stage not on window close but on window open and show it on window close if hidden. But that's not the best way imo. Smile

May I ask how the Window.Next condition is done then if the window id & path is known after the window's close animation?
I think JM meant the viewtype information, not the window id, is not know until the previous window's windowclose anim has completed.
I.e. if I have ActivateWindow(videolibrary,movietitles) I assume that movietitles stands for the path so I could do a sql request (for the viewtype id) from the viewmodes.db where id = 25 and path = path to movietitles. But I absolutely don't know the details and I don't know how Window.Next works exactly so if jmarshall says it's not possible, I have to consider the best solution with the current conditions. Smile