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Full Version: Time on every screen?
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First up, great skin.

I've been tweaking it so i can have the time & date on each screen, which is working ok, mainly because I use the fanart view. If I change the view to a list then the list information (the '12 Items page 1/2' bit) obscures the time. I am able to move the time so its in a different place so they don't clash, but I'd prefer to move the list information. I've been looking for this but can't seem to find it, Where would I find it so I can tweak it, please?

Ahh found it! its the CommonFileCount include in the includes.xml.

Changed it so its like this:

<include name="CommonFileCount">
        <control type="label">
            <description>Page Count Label</description>
            <label>$INFO[Container.NumItems] $LOCALIZE[31025] - $LOCALIZE[31024] $INFO[Container.CurrentPage]/$INFO[Container.NumPages]</label>

which puts it in the centre of the screen rather than the right, which seems ok for now. Also added a new include for the date & time so adding it to each of the other screen becomes a simple one liner Smile