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Full Version: maybe bug (animation) ?
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<control type="image">
<animation type="Hidden" condition="true" reversible="false">
<effect type="rotatey" center="200" start="-30" end="0" time="1000" />
<effect type="slide" start="0,0" end="400,0" time="1000" />

First frame (very short time) is displayed with no rotation.
Animation with parameters start="0" end="30" works ok.
Is it possible to animate image with start!=0 (I need both rotate and slide) ?
One presumes the reason is that your animation runs on hide - i.e. while the container is visible (during the single frame that Container.OnPrevious is true) the animation isn't applied.

Add a conditional animation with condition="true" that places it at -30 degrees should do the trick.

added :

<animation effect="rotatey" center="200" start="-30" end="-30" time="0" condition="true" reversible="false">Conditional</animation>

problem solved !