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Full Version: [LIVE] Corrupt terminal screen
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I recently installed the ION streamlined version of Live from XBMCFreak (v13) on my Aspire Revo R3610, and all was well. Everything worked.

In order for some skin features to work on Hitcher's Alaska Revisited mod, I had to upgrade and did so to the latest SVN release, and also the updated NVIDIA drivers to 190.53 (using "nvidia-installer –update -a -s -f").

After doing this XBMC Live works fine, however when i try to enter the terminal i get a black screen with what looks like corrupt graphics line at the top (about a hald inches worth). So, i'm guessing somewhere along the line the output setting for the terminal got mssed up somewhereHuh

Im a noob to linux so maybe i did wrong upgrading to the latest SVN, and should expect these issues, but any help would be appreciated...


edit: just to add, i can ssh into it fine, but i'm sometimes gonna need direct access.
you should try searching before posting Wink

thanks, i did search. obviously not hard enough.... Tongue

sometimes it's difficult to think of key words other would of used Big Grin.