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Full Version: mount aufs failed
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I have several times tried XBMC live iso from both CD and USB flash drive with no luck, i always get an error like this:
^skipping: Cannot mount /dev/sr0 on /live-sn-backing, fstype=vfat, options=rw


mount aufs on /root failed with option noatime,dirs=/cow=rw etc

I am using a Gigabyte 780G based motherboard (with onboard gfx disabled) and a nvidia 9500gt gfx card with latest xbmc-r28147-trunk-live.iso.

The same error comes no matter what boot image i try to boot(ati,nvidia,safe etc.)

Do anyone have any clue on what i could do?
outleradam Wrote:Did you follow the guide?

I must admit i did not, but if i understand that guide the extra is just for making it possible for xbmc to save it's changes to the usb flash device?

Anyway on my HTPC i get the same error with both USB flash device and when booting from cd-rom.

What actually happens is i get to see the XBMC logo, if i do not push escape the screen just stays black and nothing else happens, but if i do press escape when the logo shows i get to see the error message stated in my first post.

The error message also tells me that a log is produced.. the only problem is that i believe this log is not written to anything else than RAM, therefor it is lost when i plug the usb flash device to some of my other computers.

Please correct me if i am wrong! Smile

This time i shall be more precise about my htpc hw, it consists of:

Cabinet: OrigenAE S14V
MB: Gigabyte GA-MA78GPM-DS2H
Memory: 4GB dualchannel
CPU: AMD X2 4850e
DVD/Bluray drive: LG GGC-H20L SATA combo drive(in bios setup as IDE drive on SATA)
HDD: WD 250GB Sata(setup as AHCI)
GFX: nvidia 9500gt
sound: Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 slim

I guess my soundcard is not supported, but i was more curious to see how well/smooth/less bugs?! XBMC would be compared to Mediaportal, haven't used XBMC since 2003 or so, but at that time it was my XBOX's primary function! Smile