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Full Version: can't get my media information to come up
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How do you set transparancy! to show media info. My folder structure is ....dvd/movies....with nfo file in same folder as movie file and tbn. I can see the plots in the nfo file but want show up in skin. I've tried everything. Also is there a way to animate fanart in your folder?
did you scan all your movies to the library?
are you using library mode?

maybe here's some usefull info:

animated fanart is only available on the home screen in T!
Thanks but I scanned one movie into library and it has plat info in the nfo file but not on screen. All the categories come up (plot, director, etc) but no info which I can see in nfo file. Is there a easier way to bulk scan movies into library?
either use .nfo files, or use the scrapers to download all info from the internet.
whichever you prefer.

if your nfo files don't work, then maybe the nfo file is not according to xbmc standards, or maybe you're using a xbmc svn version that's suffering from the broken scrapers bug...
Is there a easier way to bulk scan movies into library?
katdadi Wrote:Is there a easier way to bulk scan movies into library?

not that i'm aware of.
You can scrap your movies with a media manager. I use Ember Media Manager (in my opinion the best Media Manager tool) and i always keep my movies in the following structure :

--Movie Title/
----Movie Title.avi
----Movie Title.srt (?)

With this way then the scanning in XBMC database is matter of minutes or seconds. Nod

Keep in mind that the files and names of Fanart.jpg, Poster.jpg & Movie.nfo are full customizable through Ember Media Manager.