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Full Version: Different watched overlays for TV and movies
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Looking through different skins and the wiki can't think/find a way to do it. Something like so:

<visible>show if returns watched</visible>

<visible>show if returns watched</visible>

Is there a way, thx...
Container.Content(movies) + stringcompare(ListItem.Overlay,OverlayWatched.png) should work. Same for tv shows with content tvshows, seasons or episodes.
First skin I took a peek at was Xperience but all that stringcompare stuff confuses me...Worked like a charm though, thx
I haven't actually tried this but it will probably work and be more efficient than a constant string compare for every listitem and work for many variations

then create a "overlays" folder in your media dir with sub dirs of tv, movies, episodes etc etc and put your different images in there

Yep, worked...thx