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Full Version: A Couple of Things I Need Help With :)
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Hi guys,

I don't understand much about xml files etc, which is why I'm asking these questions here. I'm happy to post whatever logs etc anyone wants as long as I know how to do it lol Smile So here goes:

1. How can I configure XBMC so that using my Logitech Harmony remote I can mark a video as watched with one button, and toggle fullscreen/window? At the moment I have it set up as a Media Center Keyboard through the Logitech software, but am not sure what to do for these two commands?

2. I recently updated my skin to Aeon by Phil65, and now my shows seem unable to detect when a new episode has added. This doesn't seem like something that would be a skin-specific issue so does anyone have any ideas what could have caused this? If I remove a show and then re-add it again it will sometimes recoginse the new episode, but choosing 'scan for new content' or 'update library' doesn't seem to do anything anymore.

3. Lastly, music. Is there any way to manually add things like descriptions for music artists or do you have to use the scrapers for this? For instance if an artist isn't found, can I add my opwn description somehow? I know how to add my own fanart and thumbnails, but am lost as to how to add descriptions etc.

Thanks in advance Big Grin
Yer i second this, The description thing is doing my tree in..