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Full Version: [REQUEST] Debug type screen like Alaska
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One of the most helpful things I ever found was the debug mode for Alaska. That lets you know .xml you are in. I really think Confluence should have it since it's the default skin, the skin that everyone has, and the skin that has every XBMC feature (addons, PVR, etc) built in.


All it is is a setting to check, an include:
Quote:<include name="Debug">
<control type="image">
<control type="label">
<label>$INFO[Window.Property(xmlfile)] / $INFO[System.Screenresolution] / $LOCALIZE[158] - $INFO[System.FreeMemory]$INFO[System.CurrentWindow / ]$INFO[System.CurrentControl, / ]</label>

And a simple include at the bottom every .xml:
Quote:<control type="group">
What would be even better is to have all this info in the actual built-in debug mode.
I gotta admit it's probably one of my favorite features...It definitely helped me learn skinning. I took a peek at a new build today to see what I have to do for addons, and copied the Alaska debug code to know where I was. Luckly, for me atleast, it shouldn't be too much work.
great idea
One question for to be sure, Is "$INFO[Window.Property(xmlfile)]" working just on latest SVN? I try with stable build and it's not working.
Looks like that property was added 1/18/10
Which of these things do you actually need?
Hitcher's suggestion to add $INFO[Window.Property(xmlfile)] to the actual built-in debug mode would be best. That would help many aspiring skinners and modders know what .xml they are in. And then it wouldn't be skin dependent.

Case point:
I tried a new build(29005) to see what I have to do skinningwise for add-ons. So I copied Alaska's debug code to Confluence so I new for sure what .xml addons was in.

Or somebody wanted to change the look of Rapier's pausebar all he'd have to do is hit dubeg mode then pause a movie and he'd know to edit dialogseekbar.xml
What about window name?
The .xml name is probably the most helpful, window name is good too.
I reckon a advanced setting for skin debug that shows on the right hand side (so its not over the other debug)

xml filename
window title
mouse x/y
current focused control ID and type
r29100 should do the trick. Enabled via <debugging>true</debugging> in skin.xml.

It renders underneath the debug info. Not sure whether it should render all the time or only when XBMC debugging is enabled. Thoughts?

I know I always run debug when I'm skinning to watch fps and stuff but I'm not sure that's common practice.
Last nightly I tried too much was broken(28991)...I'll give it a week or so before I try this out, thx for the change though...
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