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Full Version: What Happened?
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What Happened to this Great skin?
I loved this skin and used it all the time on my xbox and was sad to see when this skin stopped being updated why? what happened?

I have 1 simple request....is they ANY chance for someone to look and see how fanart support for tvshow library can be added when you are selecting a tv show? if not it's ok, will look into it myself even though i never attempted anything like this guess this is the time to learn
Thanks for reading

ps: figured it out after tinkering with it for 30min now added this to the MyVideoNav.xml
For the Library mode part of this skin

<control type="image">
<texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Property(Fanart_Image)]</texture>
<visible>!Skin.HasSetting(VideoFilesFanart) | Control.IsVisible(508)</visible>

Near the top of the xml works like a charm now in re video file mode and in library mode for all view types
for the file mode add this to the top of your MyVideo.xml
I am going to be editing this more once i learn and study on how to change stuff around and and add more things to this skin to see if i can update it for us 4:3 sdtv Users
already changed the thumbnail view in library mode to do wide icons with info of the tv show at the bottom of the screen I will continue to update this to my liking but if anyone is interested in this project please feel free to let me know