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Full Version: Can't get lirc to work at all.
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Hi All,

I am new to XBMC, and love it, but am having a lot of trouble getting a lirc remote working.

I have lirc set up and working perfectly in other programs like freevo/vlc etc ..

My lack of understanding is how the key names I have in my lircd.conf are translated to xbmc. Normally in other programs you make a lircrc file with all the mappings.

I understand with XBMC that you put a Lircmap.xml file in /home/user/.xbmc/userdata. I did that, the file looks like this.

<remote device="Streamzap_PC_Remote">

The names in the middle are what my lircd.conf calls them i.e my lircd.conf

Quote:begin remote

name Streamzap_PC_Remote
bits 6
eps 30
aeps 100

one 889 889
zero 889 889
plead 889
pre_data_bits 8
pre_data 0xA3
gap 108344
toggle_bit 2

begin codes
0 0x00
1 0x01
2 0x02
3 0x03
4 0x04
5 0x05
6 0x06
7 0x07
8 0x08
9 0x09
CH_UP 0x0C
UP 0x10
LEFT 0x11
OK 0x12
RIGHT 0x13
DOWN 0x14
MENU 0x15
EXIT 0x16
PLAY 0x17
PAUSE 0x18
STOP 0x19
|<< 0x1A
>>| 0x1B
<< 0x1D
>> 0x1E
RED 0x20
GREEN 0x21
BLUE 0x23
end codes

end remote

And then there is the keymap.xml file, just to add to the confusion. Do I have to make a custom one of those, or is that depricated in favour of remote.xml which I have put in ..userdata/remotes?

By the way, my installation put all the files under /opt/xbmc... instead of
/usr/share/xbmc ... is that an issue?

How does xbmc listen to the lirc commands?
Is there a way to make xbmc output some debugging so I can see if anything is being received.

Please help ... the remote is all that is stopping me use XBMC to replace freevo/mythtv in my lounge.

Many Thanks,
Anyone? Pretty please!!
It's ok now, I found the issue.

It seems I had an error in the Lircmap. (doesn't like "<<" characters in the key name) .. silly me.

Shame that there was no error put in the log to this effect.