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Full Version: Return to main menu on suspend
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As the title suggests I'd like to have XBMC return to the main menu just before it suspends. I realize I could just push the button on the remote but that doesn't work for the rest of the family. The issue I have is if we're deep in one of the menus when the box is suspended it causes problems if the media is not available when the box wakes up (due to the media server being asleep).
I'm sure it should be possible to add that command in your remote software. Depending on what you're using (I believe LIRC is the Linux way to go?). I'm running a Windows system with Eventghost and did a similar thing. I added a command to stop all playing media before going into suspend. I got a small heart attack every time I tuned on my media center and had forgotten I was still playing a cd when I'd shut it down the time before. In that same fashion you could add a command to return to the home screen prior to giving the suspend command. If you specify what remote software/method you use to go into suspend, I'm sure someone can give you the exact instruction.
Thanks for the response. I'm looking for something similar to THIS which wakes a file server on resume. Is there a command line way to get back to the main menu?
I'm using XBMC live.